La Deu was founded in 1885; it is one of the oldest restaurants in the region and has been run by the same family that opened it almost 130 years ago. The restaurant is still committed to the principles that have been its mainstay for over a century: service, quality food, traditional cuisine and good value for money. The hostel originally began as a meeting place for local residents who gathered here to play cards and drink a few glasses of nouveau wine. The business grew to become an establishment that is today a byword in local 'Volcanic Cuisine'. Our craft-baked La Deu potatoes are based on the Bretcha potato recipe of 1943, and our example has inspired numerous versions of the now-famous recipe for the 'potatoes of Olot'. La Deu stands in a beautiful natural area, and is today run by the fourth and fifth generation of the Reixach family, preserving the legacy of tradition with bold innovation, as testified by our menu.