Our Starters

Home-made La Deu potatoes (Potatoes Bretxa-style since 1943) 9,95 €
Apple and foie gras mille feuilles with a reduction of wine from Empordà 9,14 €
Caramelized "micuit" of foie with orange preserve 16,27 €
Salad of goat cheese with dried fruits and nuts, and raspberry vinaigrette 9,14 €
Salad of haricot beans from La Vall, with onion from Figueres and tomato 5,12 €
Cold vegetable pie served on a bed of green asparagus and basil oil 5,65 €
Acorn-fed Iberian ham with dough bread  from Folgueroles, toast with tomato 21,19 €
Penne rigate with cheese au gratin 5,50 €
Home-made cannelloni with béchamel sauce au gratin 7,50 €
Mixed paella (2 people minimum; time of preparation 20') 15,03 €
Charcoal-grilled green asparagus with romesco sauce (Catalan sauce with chilli) 6,10 €
Assorted vegetables (baked, steamed and charcoal-grilled) 9,16 €
Mixed mushrooms with vegetables in julienne 10,35 €
Cod brandade with toasts 5,80 €
Galician-style octopus (with Vera's red pepper drop and virgin olive oil from Mas Tarrés D.O.P Siurana) 13,29 €
Home-made squid rings in batter 12,38 €

From the sea to the table

Clams   grilled  or   à la marinière  22,88 €
Wild turbot baked or grilled 22,88 €
Grilled Sole 17,66 €
Grilled prawns
Hake grilled or baked 16,79 €
Angler  fish  grilled   or  baked  18,90 €
Will sea bass grilled or baked 25,17 €
Grilled  tuna   fillet  with   soya  sauce  reduction 8,41 €
Suprema gilthead bream grilled or baked 9,40 €
Grilled squids 12,37 €
Large supreme of cod with Garrotxa honey  and  dried  fruits  and  nuts 17,20 €
Nota: Grilled fish served in  julienned  vegetables  and  garlic  and  parsley oil
Nota: Baked fish served on bed of potatoes, onions and sliced tomato.

Our Meat

Oxital with cuttlefish 9,94 €
Home made grilled Catalan sausage 5,13 €
Charcoal-grilled lamb 10,38 €
Charcoal-grilled chicken 1/4 portion 5,13 €
Grilled veal steak 7,84 €
Grilled veal entrecôte 16,20 €
Grilled veal tenderloin 17,90 €
Leg of duck with pears 9,94 €
Free-range chicken roast wit Norway lobsters 12,60 €
Baked shoulder of kid, low temperature cooked (80º) 18,80 €
Grilled crunchy foie gras with caramelized sesame biscuit 18,75 €
Pig's trotters casserole with black turnips 6,80 €
Volcanic "carbonada" (veal in beer, onion, mushrooms and with potato and cheese cake) 9,75 €
Iberian pork with chestnuts and artichoke tempura 11,80 €
Nota: Baked and grilled meat served with ember-baked potato and courgette in batter.

Dessert Menu

I like chocolate

Chocolate "Volcanet" the chocolate -Couland (muffin filled with hot chocolate 18’) R


Trilogia of chocolate Daliniana with touches of orange
(laminated black, milk and white chocolate ganache) 


B&N chocolate cylinder with sesame crunch R


Homemade cake   (chocolate brownie with cream, nuts and ratafia draps)


For more classic tastes

"Crema catalana" with caramelized sugar 


Crème caramel with wipped cream 


Homemade "Tocinillo"


Tiramisú by the chef Joan R


"Recuit" (curd cheese) with honey of la Garrotxa 


"Profiteroles" cream filled puff pastry with chocolate sauce 


Crêpes Suzette (Gran Manier, rum, orange juice, whipped cream, caramel) R


Crêpes Suzette with chocolate or cream and nuts, vanilla or jam R


"Valencian" (fresh orange juice with vanilla ice cream)


Fresh orange juice 


Irish coffee 


Author's desserts

Plum cake of "alforjón" with dried fruits, ratafia ice cream and cocoa crunch 


La Deu's Marshland (Dessert Vayreda) (apple to low temperature, cream chocolate with disconcerting visual touches)


Leave you surprise (La Fageda yoghurt, mango, apple,…) R


Some more refreshing things

Natural fruit mosaic 


Warm mixed of natural fruits with La Fageda yoghurt ice cream


La Fageda yoghurt ice cream in tulip water cup with raspberry coulis R


Tangerine soup with vanilla ice cream bourbon and red fruits R


Strained pineapple with coconut ice cream and "malibu" jelly R


Mint or vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate 


Lemon sherbet with "marc de cava" (sparkling white wine sprint)


Raspberry, lemon or passion fruit sherbet


Ice cream cup (3 ): coco nut, vanilla, strawberry, mint and chocolate 


Our ice cream cake with whisky