The story of La Deu is one of working people, a passion for cuisine and a history in the heart of Olot.

The first official appearance of the restaurant as a house of dining and liquid refreshment appears is in a document from the mid-nineteenth century, when it was known as Can Ferrer. In 1906 it was renamed Casa Nova de la Deu, taking its new name from the nearby springs of La Deu Grossa and La Deu Petita.

Our municipal authorities have traditionally held the belief that local springs are common property, as regardless of landowners and property rights, the people of Olot have always used them freely. In the late nineteenth century locals and visitors would often meet here, for business or pleasure, and La Deu provided them with food and beverages, which explains how we became a restaurant. We began with our own nouveau wine, which we produce here at the main house. At the end of the nineteenth century the restaurant opened only in the afternoons on public holidays, but at the turn of the century our doors were open for business every day of the week.

The family moved into the farmhouse, which is today the restaurant, in the first years of the nineteenth century, from 1816 to 1879, although we were unable to purchase the land. In 1906, after renovation work, the main house became the Casa Nova de La Deu.

1918 saw us serving our first business lunch (salad, rice, beef and dessert, with cava, coffee and a liqueur, all for a price of 3 pesetas). Since then neither the restaurant nor the family have slowed their pace. In 1935 we opened up the La Deu Dance Hall in an adjoining building, which had been used during the civil war as a temporary hospital. Some ten years later, in 1943, the family finally managed to buy the mansion. Was a grand year for inspiration, marking the creative innovation of the restaurant with our potatoes of Olot, a veritable symbol of Garrotxan cuisine. The dish was first known as "patates Bretcha" as the then mayor, Pere Bretcha wanted a special dish to impress the civil governor who was due to dine at La Deu on the occasion of the Festes del Tura, the town fair. The person responsible for this unique recipe, which some have termed the 'dish of the century' was Maria Reixach i Torner.

Important renovation work was undertaken in 1959, which was also the year when the men in the family finally left their work in the fields for good to dedicate themselves to work in the restaurant on a full-time basis. In 1973 La Deu was presented the Pioneer of Hotel and Catering in Girona Award and in 1987 the Catalan Government's own Tourism Diploma.

The history of La Deu has always been characterised by our active involvement in important local and county events, as well as by the continued improvement of our culinary wares, an area in which we have never put aside our own gastronomic heritage. Our history in this sense is today represented by the Volcanic Cuisine gastronomic association, which has been created by leading restaurants, including La Deu to offer traditional, creative dishes with a marked emphasis on local produce.