Apple and foie gras  mille feullies with a reduction of wine sauce


Salad of goat cheese with dried fruits and nuts and walnut raspberry vinaigrette


Cod brandade with toast


 Mixed mushrooms with vegetables in julienne


Vegetable pie on a bed of green asparagus


 Home-made La Deu potatoes (Since 1943)

Fishes / Meats

Grilled tuna with soya sauce


Grilled hake supreme with small vegetables


Galician-style octopus (surcharge 2.00 €)


Grilled squids with julienne vegetables


Charcoal-grilled lamb


Charcoal-grilled chicken


Leg of baby goat cooked at low temperature (surcharge 3.00 €)


 Stewed veal medaillon with seasonal mushrooms


 Oxital with cuttlefish


 Pig’s trotters casserole with Black turnips



Natural Fruit Mosaic


 Buckwheat cake with ratafia ice cream


Homemade “Tocinillo”


 “Recuit” (curd cheese) with honey of la Garrotxa


 La Fageda yoghurt ice cream in tulip wàter cup with raspberry coulis


 Brownie with green tea ice cream

     Bread, ½ water - Starters, fishes/meats  and desserts  Price:  19,85 € Not included  other drinks/coffee (Vat included)