The improvement of interior design with a view to client comfort is a constant concern at La Deu. Over the years we have carried out reforms to improve natural light and overall indoor illumination in our rooms through the use of glass walls. The restaurant has four rooms for daily use, which may be easily adapted to almost any reservation request, with different levels of intimacy and views over the Natural Park of the Volcanic Area. This means that group, family meals or business meetings can all be held in perfect harmony, with individual tables.

The daily dining area, located on the ground floor, has wide plate glass windows to provide views over the surroundings. This area, which is the latest to have been renovated, can be divided and reservation possibilities for private lounges.

The first floor comprises the indoor terrace, with extensive views over the surroundings, together with a gallery - an indoor room with glass walls to lend a greater feeling of depth - and finally, the traditional restaurant, area itself; a private area that offers even more intimacy.

These areas provide room for between 30 and 60 guests.

The restaurant also has other large-capacity areas that are ideal for banquets and large conventions.